Colonel Marbles' World of Cumbustion Velocopedes, Monowheels, Penny Farthings, Anti-Gravitational Reitwagens, and sundry modes of transport..

After your first day of cycling, one dream is inevitable. A memory of motion lingers in the muscles of your legs, and round and round they seem to go. You ride through Dreamland on wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow.
-H.G. Wells

Bicycles and other human powered conveyances

Terrestrial Motorcycles Human Powered Jet Bikes

Eureka return again, but this time with some unique human powered offerings. Not just unicycles, but comically tall unicycles. They offer them with a variety of troopers riding them, as well as stand alone packs, allowing you to outfit the unit of your choosing with the prefered transport of jugglers and mummers world wide.

If you want a shorter unicycle, you can have that too, as long as you like clowns

If two wheels are more your thing, the Eureka Pax Limpopo range has you covered there, with a handful of Penny Farthing bone-shakers, including an iron-clad version.

Still not satisfied? Fine. Three wheels then, but thats their final offer
Not unsuprisingly given the jocularity of the above offerings, Eureka also has a great roller skate type in the person of Professor McHoots and his circular Boots.

Wargames Foundry have one bicycle model, available with a collection of WW2 Home Guard riders and one pack has a riderless version.

Bolt Action's WW2 range is now carried by Warlord Games, and is another option for bicycle equipped soldiers.

Dixon Miniatures has a pack of bikes being ridden by French Resistance, and their site also lists a pack of 8 bikes being available.

BlackCatBases has you covered if velocopedic undead is more your thing

Musketeer / AVBCW:
This wonderful rollerskater was originally sculpted by Paul Hicks for A Very British Civil War. Currently I don't see it on Paul's Muttonchop site, nor on Musketeer's site, which, I think is the new home of AVBCW, but it bears highlighting here as a unique figure if you can track it down.

Speaking of rollerskates, Impact! Miniatures probably is the reigning champion of skating offerings, with their Roller Derby range. 4 or 5 teams, as well as available singles should give you most every option you'd need, as long you need it to be female.

While we're out here in the realm of eurethane wheels, Mr. Copplestone deserves a nod for producing what I think are the only skateboarders out there in gods own scale

Foundry do have one rollergirl to add to the mix, though its pretty hard to tell if she actually has skates on.
They also have a couple more skateboarders to add to the Copplestone posse above, though two of them are not actually riding their boards.

Terrestrial Motorcycles Human Powered Jet Bikes