Colonel Marbles' World of Cumbustion Velocopedes, Monowheels, Penny Farthings, Anti-Gravitational Reitwagens, and sundry modes of transport..

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads
-Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown

Jet bikes, hover pods, and the like.

Terrestrial Motorcycles Human Powered Jet Bikes

Warzone starts us off with a host of old hover bikes. The earlier purple shark and the great grey appear to be OOP, and so you'll need to chase them down on ebay or bartertown more than likely.

Soda Pop brings the anime Relic Knights to the game

Puppets war's hover bike.

Mouse Muffin is another cottage producer with some eldar style Wraith Bike and the more heavily armoured Phantom.

MaxMini has their own version of what is fast becoming a classic style

Kromlech can also attest to that fact.

Antenociti's Workshop has designs for both personal transport, and heavier industry

Cobalt sci fi jet bikes can be found at Black Hat these days.

Scotia Grendel has you covered for Urban Mammoth / VOID jetbikes.

Fenryl has a couple offereings.

Bob Olley's Scrunt flyers may be available at different places at different times, like many of the Scrunt moulds they seem to get sold off now and again.

Studio McVey's limited Edition flyer/bike.

The Bombshell looks like it can get you there fast!.

The Imperial marines from Irregular Miniatures have their very own flier.

As do the inhabitants of Tobsen's world

Need to deliver a pizza or a parking citation? Denizenis on the job

WildWesthas a hoverbike theme of its own.

While Spartan Gamescharts a new subgenre with its flying SteamBike

Ground Zero has a 25mm hover... board? thing. . .

A bit of a departure from classic bikes, but still relavent are Marty McLfy's hoverboards! A version of whichMongoose may or may not be able to provide you with, depending on if they are still in business or not.

As can Studio McVey if you can get one before the limited casting runs out.

Ramshackle can also hook you up with a hoverboard.

Games Workshop offers 28mm eldar jetbikes (also available in dark flavor, with more skullz), and they clock in at 6mm with Epic versions of the same.

Khurasan kicks off the 15mm options.

Followed by the Arc Fleet bikers from Critical Mass Games has items for you in the HOF and LaserBurn ranges.

Aberrant Games offer a 15mm personal copter.

If you don't mind chasing things down on ebay, or possibly old-stock retailers like NobleKnight, you may be able to track down these AT43 hover bikes

The same goes for the Em4/Metal Magic jetbikes.

If ebay if your thing and you have deep pockets, there are of course the long OOP jetbikes from Citadel

Terrestrial Motorcycles Human Powered Jet Bikes