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Fairies, winged denizens and naked ladies:
1. "?Fairy?" - Victoria Lamb
2. Titania - Kev "Hasslefriesian" White
2. Aoife - Neil Blue
3. A Pixie with a Pistol - Andrew Rae
3. Toothy Fairy - Adrian Michaels

Goblins , brownies and other naughty tricksters :
1. The Hanger Gnome - Tony Robillard
2. Newton - Kev White
3. Goblin Cook and Cleaner - Sylvain Quirion

Go check them out in the galleries!!!


The fourth edition of FU!UK's renowned annual sculpting contest has Ended! Check out the theme and the competition rules here!

As always, the aim of the contest is to receive submissions of original sculpts from you (the frother community), which will then be judged by a team of renowned frothers from different corners of the hobby. The winning sculpts will be sold in the webshoppe for all frothers to buy. Following last year's example, Woteva Games will develop a game specifically for this contest, which will be made available as a free download with every order for the contest figures. The aim is to incorporate the winning sculpts directly into the background of the game, which will be called "The Wild Hunt". You can send in your entries for the Sculpting Contest until December 31st (2007).

1. The theme: The Unseelie Suspects or the dark side of faeryland.

Don't think cutesy 'Fairy' with wings and that - its just a victorian romanticism. Think gnarly fay, beautiful and contemptously enigmatic or twisted and malevolent. Don't restrict yourself to the celtocentric folklore either - along with a wealth of offerings from Western Europe every continent has their own tales of spirits and supernatural beings, from the Slavic rusalki to Middle Eastern djinn, North American wendigos and Japanese kami..

As not to limit the sculptor's creativity, we won't set any specific categories in advance, which would be nearly impossible, but will look at the entries we get and see which categories - if any - emerge from the submissions. You can enter as many different figures as you want.

Professional and amateur may both enter – the angry young sculptors should be ready to humble their elder peers. They have done so in the past.

The Unseelie Suspects - one frothers, one competition, no cloakers

2. The Judges

Who will decide which entries are the most frothworthy? Well, when we think about the artists who have been most influential on the darker, twisted vision of faeries, we couldn't get around the work of Froud. So we just went and sollicited Brian and Wendy Froud to serve as judges this year and for some obscure reason that is best not dwelled upon, they said yes. They will be joined by the sculptor who has built his reputation on this sort of thing, none other than the Goblinmeister himself, Kev Adams. We are very exited to have such illustrious judges this year round. Oh yeah, and the last slot will be filled by UnclEvl, still one of the directors of Woteva Games, who - it's only common sense - will be assisted by Dr. Wood, psychologist. Rumour goes they're sleeping together, but that's really none of our business.

3. The Winners

There can be only one... erm... well... as much as there will be categories, and... erm... maybe more. Crikey!

Each category will have a winner (the category’s first) and runners-up.

The winner of each category will be moulded and cast up at our expense (well, their figures anyway - Ed). A full set of the figures will be given to each winner, with a few individual castings of their figure (at least 3 or 4, possibly more depending on the caster's whim). If the quality of the entries is of a high level we reserve the right to cast up a selection of the runners-up as well, who will then also be given a full set of the figures and castings of their own sculpts. Naturally, a free copy of the game will be included. As an added bonus, there will be some extra "Froudy" stuff for the winners. More on that later...

Winners should be prepared to send their sculpts to mouldmaker Pete Brown at their own expense (we can't pay for everything) and risk (mail).

4. IP and the rights to the figures

Who owns the reproduction rights to the figures? We have given this some long reflection and have decided the rights should stay where they belong, being with the sculptor.

However, for froth’s sake, we reserve the right to produce the figures for a limited period of two months after the production mould is made. The figures will only be sold as full sets and at a low price. Sales of this set will go towards production costs of the set as well as operating costs of the FU!UK community. It is not our intention to earn a profit from these sales. It is not our aim to get free sculpts so we can make money off them. Naturally, all contest winners will be able to get individual copies of their own figure(s) at cost.

After this limited period of availability, all rights will return to the sculptor, who will retain complete intellectual property rights over them and can do with the figures as he (or she) pleases, including selling them as part of his (or her) own range.

At this point we will stop production of the set. However, if any or all of the sculptors wish to see us continue production of their figure(s), they may contact us to work out a new arrangement.

All this and more is included in the Competion Rules, which you must read before entering. Honestly, it's common sense to do so.

Any queries relating to the frother sculpting contest should be referred to contest enquiries. FU!UK is not responsible for any acts of grand larceny carried out through its web site. I hope.