The Beastman Showcase

a treatise on the nature and appearances of these most foul creatures

Compiled by Area23

Beastmen, Broo, Ferals, Gor, Viraesir. The footsoldiers of Chaos and Old Night. Some say they are the obscene offspring of an unnatural union of Man and Beast, or of Witch and Demon. Some say they were once man or beast, but corrupted by the Evil magic of Chaos, while others say Old ones or dark lords deformed man into the foul crossbreed of the beastman. There are even legends suggesting they were here before Mankind.

Scholars say they need human virgins to breed, as they themselves are all male. Other sources tell us there exist beast-women as well, and they even could be considered a stable species. But what is sure is that they come from the wilderness, in warbands or in a Wild Hunt, to raid farms and villages, steal children and feast on the dead bodies, in an orgy of blood and alcohol. Where ever they come they spread death and disease. Most beastmen are as goat-like as the satyrs of old myth: Men with hooves and horns and fur. Many though have heads of goats or other cattle, like the Minotaur, offering a horrifying parody of such animals.

They have been seen with limbs like those of crabs or insects, tentacles or other sickening extremities. As such their sizes range from smaller human size, to gigantic proportions. The greater ones often leading the warband. But do not be fooled to think such is the beastman, as its manifestations are manifold. Theres are stories of similar creatures, but dog-faced or with the head of Wolves, Wargs or Hyenas, some being even shapechangers. Also bands have been seen with such a variety of appearance, all bestial and degraded, that it would be impossible to describe on these pages. But here I shall limit myself to the most common variety of the Beastman.


Crocodile games produce the Aegyptus range, based on egyptian myth. Their line of goat headed 'Khemru', sculpted by Todd Harris, could be easily used as the followers of a certain well known chaos god of Change and Magic. The line includes infantry, slingers, a female wizard, some very nice priestly types, a goatman mummy and even a broo riding an elephant!

Apart from the goats there are beautifull cat-women, jackal men and several bird headed creatures for the other armies available. Also the shields and familiars, available separate could be very well used with other beastmen. This company is also working on a Greek myth range, what could be very promising if they come up with minotaurs and satyrs.

Brigade Models

Formerly sold by I-kore and Urban Mammoth, Brigade Models produces the Celtos range of celtic myth. Their Fomorian line includes a couple of beastmen. One pack would perhaps be of better use as Demons, but the buffalo-man would make a nice character.

More interesting perhaps are the Sirens. With both hooves and horns these women could very well be female beastmen, more beautifull than their male goathead counterparts, but still bestial. Some or all seem to have small wings too.


Reaper has a couple of packs of beautifull beastmen in their Warlords line sculpted by Ben Siens, and a variety of beasts or were-creatures throughout the range. The wereboar and werebear are especially interesting. But the range also includes catwomen, bugbears, some minotaurs and very cool gnolls too. The shop section has a search-engine.


Dragglestown a.k.a. Discounthobby

This U.S.-based webstore produces and trades many interesting mini's from different companies. Be sure to check their downloadable catalogues. The following has beastmen among their ranks:

Dark Ages

These are old Grenadier sculpts by Julie Guthrie. The Guthrie minotaurs are all about 30 mm, so could be well used for bovine broo. The sculpting style is somewhat old fashioned, but then the sculpts are from the late eighties/early ninieties. Nonetheless there is some variety to make an interesting unit. The range includes some other suitable mini's too, but these are 25mm. i.e more like those 'official' LotR miniatures.


The range also includes the old german Metal Magic line, sculpted by Josef Ochmann, which includes a nice satyr, several usefull monsters such as a catwoman, a harpy and a bunch of big, long-legged minotaurs


Part of the Dark Ages army-packs range is one set of beastmen with a minotaur, again by Bob Olley, this set includes four armoured Pigs!


Lance and Laser

Dragglestown is the place to find these great 'official' Glorantha or Heroquest Broo. With Moorcock's Corum novels, this game has been of great influence on the concept of beastmen.

"Broo' comes from the roleplaying game Runequest (which was around long before Warhammer). They are chaotic goat headed humanoids, carriers of disease, immune to poisons and with many foul and disgusting habits, eg they worship the goddesses of rape and disease and are said to defecate and urinate on their weapons before combat, in order to spread their diseases." -Bloodfinger.


Broo are Chaos-creatures from Glorantha. Note that Chaos does not necessarily equate with Evil. They reproduce rather like the Alien from the Ridley Scott movie of the same name. They are pretty obviously inspired by Michael Moorcock's "Eternal Champion" series of novels, specifically, the "Chronicles of Corum" and the "Elric" saga." - frotherguest

There are a dozen different beastmen in this range and they look rather interesting. Sculpted by Jim Johnson and one by Bob Murch. Lance & Laser also does the Quactica line with an army of Porks and Gobblings. Pigmen remniscent of 1970's visions of Tolkiens orcs. Also the savage looking Warthogs are very inspiring.


This Oz company makes primordial amazons and female beastmen, or 'feral elves', supposedly the offspring of elves who have mated with beastmen. Rather nice with hooves and horns, this is a great look to spice up any beastmen army. The light infantry are great, but they also have the Centyrs, female goat-centaurs! These are the same height as most beastmen (30mm-ish), but with more legs (see White Knight's review). The characters are very nice. Both types also have heavy variations, that is, less explicit nudity but armoured with what seem to be reptile skins and furs.



Generally speaking, Warmachine merges elements of science-fiction, history and fantasy together, forming a range which is both quirky and surprising. The figures are thus an odd range, hulking robots alongside characters such as the Satyxis, illustrated here in all their bestial glory (and waving highly improbably lashes). 

They're from the Cryx warband (the sub-divisions are essential when navigating their website) and come generally well cast. Those to the left are now discontinued in favour of those below and there is also a character figure, the Satyxis Raider.


Funky beastmen with a choice of heads and arms. Two boys and two girls, one of them a priestess queen or brood mother, which says it all: a witch queen spawning hells children! Sporting a hip skull bra. Also a great minotaur and some other chaotic creatures.

Black Tree Design

The old Harlequin beastmen, by orc-meister Kevin Adams, remniscent of the plastics of MB's old 'Battlemasters' game. Personally, I can't see how a beastmen would be able to operate and aim a crossbow, but these are separate so the mini's can be armed with anything.

They also produce other beastmen which are quite cheap, but not very impressive, but that could just be the pictures. Still, they could be usefull to bulk out your army, especially the 'elite beastmen'. There's also a Satyr with panpipes and several minotaurs in the Fantasy Armies range (filed under 'monsters')


Grimreaper has some wacky monsters including a satyr (in the traditional mould), some minotaurs, and a big goat legged Cyclops (gri-1150). There's also a bestial warrior (1157), while the beastial mage (1097) will add much needed shamanic support to your armies. Several werewolves/Lycan warriors are included too, armed and armoured. 

The Grimreaper range seem to be made for RPG's, as there isn't much variation of each creature and, unless you like fielding twenty of the same figure, you can't create much rank and file. Of course, warbands and other rag-tag teams of beastmen will find these welcome (and fairly priced) recruits.



Westwind's Gothic Horror range covers most literary sources, including The Island of  Doctor Moreau, providing us with a source for all manner of weird creations. These beastmen are mannish looking dogs, pigs and cats (the pig is illustrated, just in case there are any urban types reading).

Overall they're rather comic looking, but fun for a Teenage Mutant Chaos army/unit. All are unarmed.


"He who breaks the law, goes back to the house of pain"

Ralpartha-Europe / Ironwind

Part of the 'fantasy armies' range, an army called 'Chaos Imperium' has a nice collection of beastmen, sculpted by Bob Olley. All different with a variety of weapons, partly divided into 'light beastmen' (those with a little bit of armour) and 'heavy beastmen' (those wearing most of an oven). The line includes centaurs too.

They also have the old Crucible range, which includes a handfull of beastmen too. The Heroes and Horrors line also has quite a few suitable demons, monsters and animals and a satyr with panpipes (01-217) and some centaurs, many designed by Chris Fitzpatrick. (some miniatures from this manufacturer are actually the originals of the ridiculous D&D clicky plastics).

RalPartha used to produce official licensed Runequest miniatures. Though quite unclear, these probably included Broo.

Olleys Armies

Sculpting legend (well, among a certain group of Frothers) Bob Olley has his own company now, selling three marvelously sculpted minotaurs. These are big beasties, ranging from 37mm to 43mm tall (foot to eye), and armed with a mace, a halberd and both a mace and a halberd! The trio are well armoured, dynamic and their faces look genuinely beastial, unlike the 'must eat more fibre' gurning or cartoon style of other companies.

All three are on small, mostly oval integral bases.



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