The Beastman Showcase

a treatise on the nature and appearances of these most foul creatures

Compiled by Area23

Part 2


Confrontation's offering is dominated by the 'Wolven', a large range of 'dog-men' divided into two main camps: the Devourers of Vile-Tis and the Wolfen of Yllia. If you like them - and the elaborate style isn't to everyone's taste - then you'll find just about every fantasy weapon you can think of, along with many poses and garbs. However, there are more traditional (i.e. not werewolf) beastmen available. The 'Kelts of Drune' contain two explicitly named minoaturs and several minotaur like creatures, while there is a stayr and several twisted monsters which incorporated beastlike elements. Most figures are easily over 35mm in height, so may only fit into older armies as character figures.



Eureka has three satyrs, armed with spear, club and sling. Solid, old-school styling

Dark Age

A line and game of goth-fetish creatures, after artist Brom's paintings. The Brood faction has a female Gazelle, that perhaps should be classified as borderline demon, instead of Beastman.


Werner Klocke has this amazing Beastman Berserker character model. Very dynamic and detailed beastman. Almost naked, standing in a convincing pose and rabidly snarling this makes a very good champion model. The model is a multi-part kit so needs to be put together well to prevent it falling apart when dropped (Ahk!)


Wizards of the Coast's Chainmail line produced a minotaur, beautifull Gnolls and several wacky D&D monsters that could fit well into nya Wild Hunt. Unfortunately they're now out of production(i.e. dumped by Hasbro Corp.) and replaced by pre-painted plastics. Don't despair though, as they're still available on the net (mainly auction sites).


Unfairly regarded as France's second-best manufacture of minis, Fenryll do the Beastmen general/herdmaster proud with four minotaurs (two quite large), two packs of beastmen, some pigmen, three centaurs, a suitable yeti and plenty of other humanoid beasts which have beastly characteristics. The style is often quite simple and cartoony, but quite nice and full of character. All figures are resin (which shouldn't put you off!)



Strangely, old-timer Rafm doesn't seem to produce any beastmen, although not all ranges are available at the time of writing. They do have a couple of very nice minotaurs by Bob Murch though.


That famous lead necromancer, Amazon Miniatures, now has the old Global Games Rurope minotaurs. A range of Roman-ish minotaur legionairies of better quality than some products hiding in the Amazon catalogue.


Foundry produce two minotaurs, one in Greek myths range and the other, somewhat strangely, in their Gladiator range (to the left). It is supposed to be a man dressed up? Is it supposed to be a minotaur? Either way, it looks fine.

Zeitgeist Games

A new games company with a small miniature line called Blackmoor. The pictures are not too clear but look promising. Goatmen and an ape. More beastmen are promised for future release.


Obscure Spanish company with beautiful mini's. This corrupted Cernunnos could lead your beast horde, but you'll have to import one directly from Spain.

1st. Corps

1st.Corps has an interesting savage Greek Minotaur, dressed in ancient garb. The quality isn't up to Rackham standards, but he'd (or she'd) fit into units made from most older figures.


Chiltern has a Greek Character set including a nice Minotaur, sculpted by Jim Bowen of the excellent new Graven Images line. He comes with three humans, including one who's only just got out of the pool...


Warcrow are a relatively new Spanish manufacturer with a growing range of one-off fantasy characters, including Beastmen. These are supposed to be bigger than 30mm, more like Rackham's scale.

Kenzer co.

This much overlooked company produces some miniatures for Hackmaster, a roleplay game with what seems to be a fixation on simians (and why not!). Included in the range is a greater Satyr by Bob Olley. How great or tall this mini is I don't know, but it could be usefull as a leader of other beastmen (Like the Ral Partha ones from the same sculptor). It's a model which sometimes looks cartoony, other times more realistic, a difficult one to judge from the net.


Newwave's own range has a 'limited edition' barebreasted Beastwoman, who is either in great pain or ecstacy and doing something with fire! She's certainly one of the best shamans available, but tricky to obtain.


Excalibur has one goatman, an ape-mutation and a couple of werewolves. None are pornographic, unlike some of their other figures.

Iron Mammoth

Producing Mammoth Miniatures, Iron Mammoth (not to be confused with Urban Mammoth) is a small company producing mainly resin pieces. They also produce a small range of 28mm. miniatures, including one goatman shaman. The picture is very unclear unfortunately, but the miniature could be quite nice.


Masquerade, from Germany, has a small range of excellent miniatures, including this 'minotaur with two axes'. I've not seen them together, but the pose may fit him easily alongside his Confrontation brethren


So, you've collected and painted the finest beastman army known to man (and beast) but you're still getting beaten on the field/table of battle. What do you do? Get the Minotaurus from Pegaso, 20cm of Giant Minotaur sure to make your opponent swear loudly and sweat in fear. The beast is even modelled looking down at all the 30mm figures he's about to carve up.

Hobby Products

The 'Hobby Products' banner covers a number of ranges, including the 28mm Dark Eye line. What the models lack in sculpting they frequently make up for in verve and style, which is a polite way of saying they're often averagely sculpted but totally bonkers. The Demon Karmoth is a good example, a four armed, scythe wielding minotaur which could easily be fielded as a mutation among your herd. As well as a strange rat/tiger demon, Hobby Products also offer squirrel men (Difar Demons), monkey/rat men (Swamp Ranzas), a pretty poor werewolf and other oddities, but these are all on the borderline of being 'beastmen'.


Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies has a small range of dogmen, for the Maelstrome game. Whether these are crude sculpts or badly painted is hard to tell thanks to a lack of images. They definitely do have some nicely sculpted miniatures, like their Erin range (there, in the monsters & gods line is a horseheaded monster), but they also have some cloakers.


Australian manufacturer of generic fantasy including some beastmen. No idea what they look like or how to get them, but there's a listing on fellow-frother Chronofus' website. The vermin ratmen pictured there might give an idea.


We all know what became of this company, and we all know they've got a big back catalogue of beastmen. What many people don't know is that they didn't invent them: it all started with some licensed miniatures for Runequest. Back in the early eighties, in the 'pre-slottabase era', they produced quite a few Broo; several boxed sets and blisters. Games Workshop's chaos beastmen range evolved from these miniatures, as people were using them in their Warhamster armies, and some of the mini's where later sold as such when the license expired.

Today, if you can find these long o.o.p. mini's at all, they usually sell for obscenely high prices, second-hand and with awfull paintjobs!


Of course your army isn't complete without some chaos beasts. Apart from your standard hunting beast and hounds, you could also use Cattle! GrippingBeast, Crocodile, Foundry and Amazon all produce some and they can easily be used as alternative hounds, riding beasts for witches/norns/nymphs, to pull your chariots (many historical manufacturers have affordable chariots) or even as stampede herds (real wars have been won by using cattle, you know!). Or just as a harmless baggage train to freak out your opponent.Both Reaper and the old Chainmail have cool Dire Boars too. (Illustrated figures are Foundry Oxen.)

Other beasts

Some of the above companies also have a choice of Werewolves, which can be as intended, or just as easily for dog-faced beastmen, like gnolls. Usually these are unarmed, so would need some conversion work with for instance Reaper's or Fenryll's weapon sets or brass rod. You could also use them effectively as alternative Hounds of Chaos.

These companies have other creatures too that might be usefull for a mutant horde: bugbears, jack-o-bears, lionmen, centaurs, harpies, shapechangers, demons, apemen, birdmen, ottermen or other stange creatures with even stranger names. It's just a matter of running through their catalogues or online shop-sections to find that beastman you're looking for.


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