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Well you asked for it so here it is, the Frothers Unite Orc, donated to the cause of Frotherdom by its creators, those fine fellows!

We've got a few more pictures of the mini to help you make up your mind (just click on the thumbnail for the full-size pic) and of course the instructions on how to buy (sidebar-right).

Remember this marvellous mini costs just 4GBP (£4 UK) to anywhere in the world, and is unique to Frothers Unite!


Frother Comments

"...definitely up for any 'orc of the year' award" -Grom (Author of the FU!UK Orc Showcase)

"That's a great looking orc, love the huge cleaver!!" -Sihook

"Wow, that mini is really cool... the sculpt is clean and the creature's physical and facial features are sobre enough to be believable and not cartoony." -LFant

"It all goes to help keep this fantastic site running!" -MiniaturesAtlas

"Well I've seen it and it's very nice. apart from the axe which is manky, and that face is a bit rough." -PeteB


Any queries relating to the frother shopping channel should be referred to shop enquiries. FU!UK is not responsible for any acts of grand larceny carried out through its web site. I hope.