Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

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Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:15 pm

Another year and time for another thread for all of the latest Pendraken Miniatures 10mm releases, as well as any other items we release on our Minibits side of things.

Last year we made some decent progress in a few areas so there's a review of 2019 on our Forum here: ... 333.0.html We also managed to release 191 new products, all of which can be seen here: ... 332.0.html

And finally we've got a lot planned for this year, so head over and see if anything might be of interest to you here: ... 351.0.html

And so, onto the first releases of 2020!

The revamp of our older Ancients ranges continues and this time we've got the eagerly anticipated Greeks and Persians! As well as updating all of the sculpts, we've also spent a lot of time expanding these ranges to add extra infantry and cavalry types, especially for the Persians. This gives many more options and also ticks off a few items on our request lists at the same time!

As with the recent Dacians and Sarmatians we'd like to give huge thanks to Will Denham for helping us (and the sculptor!) with these ranges.

Don't forget that our price increase comes in at midnight on Saturday night, so if you fancy any of these, grab them before the prices go up! We'll also have them with us at the York show on Sunday.

Achaemenid Persians - ... d-persian/
PER1 Foot command
PER2 Infantry with crescent shield
PER3 Sparabara spearmen with shields (20) £3.75
PER4 Sparabara archers
PER5 Immortals
PER6 Saka Hauma/Asia Hillmen spearmen (20) £3.75
PER7 Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen archers
PER8 Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen slingers
PER9 Light cavalry with javelin
PER10 Satrapal Guard cavalry
PER11 Guard cavalry
PER12 Iranian cavalry
PER13 Arab cavalry
PER14 Skythian cavalry with spear
PER15 Skythian cavalry with bow
PER16 Mounted General (1) £0.55
PER17 Scythed chariot with crew and driver (2)
PER18 Scythed chariot with Xerxes (1) £3.00
PER19 Scythed chariot with Cyrus (1) £3.00
PER20 Xerxes (1) £0.55
PER21 Cyrus (1) £0.55
PER22 Separate shields (10) £1.00
Achaemenid Persian Army PackContains 2 x PER5. 1 1/2 x PER3. 1 x PER1, 2, 4, 9 £34.00

Greeks - ... 0bc/greek/
GRE1 Foot command
GRE2 Armoured hoplites in tunic cuirass
GRE3 Armoured hoplites bronze cuirass
GRE4 Spartan hoplites
GRE5 Peltasts with short spear
GRE6 Cretan/Psiloi archers
GRE7 Psiloi skirmishers
GRE8 Greek light cavalry
GRE9 Thessalian light cavalry
GRE10 Thessalian heavy cavalry
GRE11 Mounted general and leader £0.80
Greek Army PackContains 2 x GRE2. 1 x GRE1, 3, 5, 6, 8 £34.00

(Packs contain 30 foot / 15 cavalry unless otherwise shown, priced at £5.50)
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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Tue Feb 25, 2020 12:45 am

It's been a while since we had any new Red Vectors MDF products but we've got a few in the pipeline this month, starting with these handy Monorails to add some details to your Sci-Fi tables!

These are originally designed for 6mm models but there's no reason why they can't work for 10mm games as well. The pack contains 5 monorails (3 straights, 2 curves) and each piece measures 190mm in length, 50mm height and 14mm width. The rail itself is 5mm wide.

Red Vectors
6mm Sci-Fi -
RED-6S-03 Monorails x 5 £8.00

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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:58 pm

Slight amendment to this one, the pack actually contains 10 monorails (6 straights, 2 curves), so that's nearly 2 metres of monorails for a bargain £9!
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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Etranger2 » Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:01 am

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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:55 am

A quick release now for the Modern gamers with the BTR-40 available! This one was produced from 1950 through to 1960 before being replaced by the BTR-152, although it remained in service across the world until the 1980's. Other operators included East Germany and Poland, as well as a licensed Chinese version under the name Type 55 where it saw action in Korea and Vietnam.

Modern Vehicles -
MDV73 BTR-40 £2.95

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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:26 am


With the lockdown easing off now, we've got a huge backlog of new products all waiting to be unleashed! So to get them all out to you asap, we'll be releasing a batch every day for the next 10 days. We'll have a variety of Pendraken 10mm items, Minibits products, as well as new third-party ranges available, so let the unleashing begin!

Day 1 of 10 Days of Shiny!

First up we've got a nice easy one with a selection of handy items added to our tools selection. Some of you may have spotted these hiding on our websites last week, but we can announce them properly for you now.
- The decal picker is a really useful gadget and is a lot easier than trying to peel them off your fingertip!
- We wouldn't recommend the mould line remover for use on 10mm figures but it's great for plastic kits, resin models and the edges of MDF bases as well.
- The tweezer set is a great one to have on your modelling desk and saves all the hassle and frustration of heads, guns and turrets being superglued to your fingers!
- And finally the dropper bottles allow you to mix and store your own paint colours in bigger batches. We've been using these in Pendraken HQ and it's a lot easier than trying to mix the right ratios on your palette time after time.

Tools - and
TOOL-TL7 Decal Picker £8.95
TOOL-TL8 Mould Line remover £6.95
TOOL-TL9 Tweezers set (x5) £14.95
TOOL-TL10 Dropper bottles (x4) £3.95





Tomorrow is Day 2 of 10 and we'll have some nice 10mm additions for the WWII crowd...
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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:27 am


It's Day 2 of our '10 Days of Shiny!'

Today we switch to 10mm and WWII in particular, with a set of drivers and passengers released for our American, British, French, German and Soviet ranges! These are all seated figures which will fit into any of our jeeps, halftracks and trucks, or placed on a bench/ammo box to add something to a command base or diorama. The drivers have their arms in their laps so they can be put in either the driver or passenger seats of transports. The passengers come with helmets and rifles and the pairs could also be cut in half if you wanted individuals instead.

These new codes can be found in the Misc section of their respective nations (except for the French which are a single set of codes currently).


American Misc -
AMX2 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
AMX3 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

British Misc -
BRX11 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
BRX12 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

French -
FRE62 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
FRE63 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

German Misc -
GRX25 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
GRX26 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

Soviet Misc -
SVX5 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
SVX6 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

And some pics:

AMX2 - American drivers

BRX11 - British drivers

FRE63 - French passengers

GRX26 - German passengers

For Day 3 we'll be switching back to Minibits for some scenery items...
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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby HongKongPhooey » Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:38 am

Nice. Easy way to add some interest and variation to vehicles.
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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Voice From Limbo » Tue Jun 02, 2020 11:47 am

I'll be getting some.
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Re: Pendraken's 2020 Releases!

Postby Bronshtein » Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:28 pm

Nice, but I hope this 10 day series of releases includes the overdue new Samurai figures.
I need to throw some more money around in a pointless series of purchases asap.
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