Pendraken's 2018 Releases!

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Re: Pendraken's 2018 Releases!

Postby Bronshtein » Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:47 pm

Don't suppose you now fancy producing a few hundred early 1970s civvies and balaclava clad gunmen to go with the Pig? :D
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Re: Pendraken's 2018 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:41 pm

After they were launched at the Battleground show a fortnight ago, we've now added these ECW battle packs to the website as well. Covering the 3 ECW battles that took place here in the north-east of England, each pack contains a representation of the forces present at each engagement, at a ratio of roughly 1:10.

In August 1642, King Charles I declared war against his Parliament. The North, led by William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle, generally supported the King. Cavendish’s 6-8,000 strong Royalist northern army marched south from Newcastle to relieve the Parliamentarian threat to Royalist York. En route it defeated a small Parliamentarian force at Piercebridge and then went on to challenge Parliamentarian forces led by the Fairfaxes in the west (Leeds/Bradford area) and the Hothams (Hull) and Cholmleys (Scarborough) in the East. The struggle for control of the bridge crossings of the River Tees, in order to move Royalist supplies of munitions from the Continent down to York and beyond, led to the engagements at Guisborough and Yarm.

Packs cover:-
The Battle of Piercebridge (1 December 1642)
The Battle of Guisborough (16 January 1643)
The Battle of Yarm (1 February 1643)

These packs are all available on our website now:

More info on the Battlefields Trust can be found here:
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Re: Pendraken's 2018 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:27 pm

We've got more new releases for the Napoleonic gamers next, with the Dutch Belgians now available!

After the French conquest of the Netherlands in the late 18th century, the Kingdom of Holland had fought alongside the French until 1810, when Napoleon integrated the Netherlands into France and absorbed the army into his own Grande Armee. In 1813 however, an uprising against Napoleonic rule brought about both a new Kingdom of the United Netherlands and an independent Dutch army, which went on to serve as part of the allied forces during the 100 Days War, culminating at Waterloo.

Our range covers this later period with figures in both Dutch and Belgian style uniforms for both infantry and cavalry.

Dutch-Belgians - ... h-belgian/
NDB1 Dutch line infantry, march attack £5.25
NDB2 Dutch line infantry, firing line £5.25
NDB3 Dutch line command £5.25
NDB4 Dutch mounted officer (5) £1.75
NDB5 Belgian line infantry, march attack £5.25
NDB6 Belgian line infantry, firing line £5.25
NDB7 Belgian line command £5.25
NDB8 Belgian mounted officer (5) £1.75
NDB9 Dutch Jagers £5.25
NDB10 Belgian Jagers £5.25
NDB11 Dutch Militia, march attack £5.25
NDB12 Dutch Militia, advancing/firing £5.25
NDB13 Hussars (Dutch style) £5.25
NDB14 Dragoons (Belgian style) £5.25
NDB15 Carabiniers (Dutch style) £5.25
NDB16 Carabiniers (Belgian style) £5.25
NDB17 6pdr guns with line artillery crew (3) £5.25
NDB18 6pdr guns with horse artillery crew (3) £5.25
NDB19 7” Howitzer with line crew (3) £5.25
NDB20 7” Howitzer with horse artillery crew (3) £5.25
NDB21 Prince of Orange and officer (2) £1.00
(All packs contain 30 foot / 15 cavalry / 3 guns and crew, unless indicated otherwise)

We've also got a couple of handy army packs for these:

1815 Dutch Army Pack - £33.00
3 x NDB1
1 x NDB3, NDB9, NDB15, NDB17

1815 Belgian Army Pack - £33.00
3 x NDB5
1 x NDB7, NDB10, NDB14, NDB17

And the pics:

NDB1 - Dutch line, march attack

NDB7 - Belgian line command

NDB9 - Dutch Jagers

NDB14 - Dragoons (Belgian style)

NDB15 - Carabiniers (Dutch style)

NDB17 - 6pdrs with line crew

NDB21 - Prince of Orange with officer

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Re: Pendraken's 2018 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:21 pm

Our final release of 2018 adds a French five to the Modern Vehicles range with the addition of the AMX-VCI APC and the Panhard EBR armoured car.

The AMX-VCI was an APC variant of the AMX-13 chassis, with around 3000 produced in a number of variants. We've got the three most useful types:
- the VTT with a standard turret mounted machine gun.
- the 12.7, fitted with a 50 calibre HMG.
- the M-56, fitted with a 20mm cannon.

As well as France, these were extensively used by both Belgium and the Netherlands and are still in active service in various other countries.

The Panhard EBR was an 8-wheeled armoured car which was originally designed before WWII but didn't start production until the early 1950's. Both the FL-10 and FL-11 variants had 75mm turrets, with the latter being sourced from the AMX-13 tank. Over 1000 of these were produced in total, with one of them carrying the coffin of Charles de Gaulle at his state funeral.

Vehicles -
MDV66 AMX-VCI £3.30
MDV67 AMX-VCI 12.7 £3.30
MDV68 AMX-VCI M-56 £3.30
MDV69 Panhard EBR-75, FL-10 £2.95
MDV70 Panhard EBR-75, FL-11 (AMX turret) £2.95

And the pics:


MDV69 - Panhard EBR-75

And that's us all done for 2018! We'll see you in the New Year with some more new goodies!
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