Perry AWI - Both sides

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Perry AWI - Both sides

Postby Conflict_In_Colour » Sat Sep 12, 2020 4:59 pm

Perry Miniatures 28mm AWI British Army

10 regiments of foot Plastic with 4 metal commands added
2 regiments of Guards Metal
1 regiment of Scots Metal
1 Irish Regiment Metal
1 Welsh Fusiliers Metal
3 art Metal
Generals Metal
Unit of 6 x British Legion Cav Metal
unit of 6 x 17th Light Drag can Metal

This equates to:

6 boxes of plastics
24 packs of metal infantry
5 packs metal cav
3 packs metal art


Perry Miniatures 28mm AWI Continental Army

10 regiments of foot plastic inc additional command sprue (1 unit in hunting shirt built, 9 commands built and rest all on sprue)
2 packs of generals - Metal
3 art & crew
4 regiments in hunting shirt - Metal
1 unit of 12 rifles - Metal
3 regiments of infantry in shirt order
1 regiment of infantry in shirt order (18) - Metal
3 units of 6 cav -Metal

This equates to:

6 boxes of plastics
3 packs of metal art
8 packs of metal cav
34 packs of metal inf

£350 post free in UK

Will consider trades for 28mm Back Of Beyond, 15mm AWI or 15mm Renaissance

Would also trade for a large collection of original 'Little Black Book' Traveller
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