My God! Maiwand! Revamped.

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My God! Maiwand! Revamped.

Postby Atheling » Sat Aug 07, 2021 11:16 am

The slow death of a laptop is a sad thing indeed. Not only do I have to say farewell to Photoshop CS2 but I cannot find the password for either CS2 or an old copy of Elements so I had to splash out on the new Adobe Elements, which I thought I would give the once over by revamping some old photo's which I suspect edited with stand in software.

The results, actually not too bad for a cheap software such as Elements.

All the individual, "life sized" images of the Brits and Afghans, such as the ones below, can be seen on my Just Add Water Blog here:'


66th "Berkshire" Regiment of Foot, Maiwand July 1880:

Afghan Tribesmen on the Attack:
Just Add Water High Quality Painting Service:
Gawalthaufen Blog (Late 15C Warfare):
La Journee Blog (Early 15thC Warfare):
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