A question about DEMONS:

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A question about DEMONS:

Postby Lord of the Bears » Tue Dec 01, 2020 3:27 pm

I kindly invite Fantasy Warriors players (in the hope that there are still some) to answer this question.

A question about DEMONS:
Hi, do you think it would be correct to apply the Necromancers' Rules, written by Nick Lund for the Undead, to Demons as well?
Like the Undead, who are in fact the skeletons of dead people, revived with the magic of Necromancers, even Demons are creatures of the Underworld.
Unfortunately, the good Nick made a bit of confusion, defining the "Fiend", which is a Demon, of type = Fanatic.
We are working on the new version of the Demon army.

In your opinion, how should the Demons be?
A) Undead (and Necromancer rules)
B) Fanatics and with the Rules of living creatures?

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