What Size Battlefield?

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What Size Battlefield?

Postby Bronshtein » Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:46 am

I know this a crazy place to post a wargames question, but...

Pat (Sanemaxx or however many xs he's using at the moment) mentioned in another thread about Khurasan's latest 28mm future tanks that it would look daft on an 8ftx4ft table, and I agree with that.

But it made me think.

Certainly since lockdown etc, but even before that, I haven't played a game on a table anywhere near that big for ages.

I have a table tennis table in the garage which I used in the past (currently folded up and barricaded behind crap). I normally used two 4ftx3ft boards together to make a 6ftx4ft as my main table at home, but have over the last few years often used just one of them or even a 2ftx2ft DBA board for most of my home games. In other people's houses it was usually a variant of the 6ftx4ft and similarly in clubs except for one off events.

I still have, and use 25/28mm figures but they are usually for smaller style games, and my 28mm Italian Wars armies haven't had an outing for a few years now I think about it. Most other big battle stuff is 10mm or 6mm. Even the 15mm stuff is rarely dug out now.

Am I turning Japanese? or is everything getting smaller these days?
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Re: What Size Battlefield?

Postby Patrice » Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:05 pm

I can play on small tables, but I prefer 1.80m x 3m tables, and if possible longer. 1.80m x 3.60m begins to be interesting. :D
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Re: What Size Battlefield?

Postby Goldwyrm » Sun Oct 04, 2020 6:00 pm

Before I'd moved and put most of my 28mm collection in storage, I would host games on 4x8, 6x12 or 6x18 tables. Haven't hosted a game in 5 or 6 years. Until the pandemic, I participated monthly in another gentleman's basement game group using a 6x18. Sadly I haven't gamed since the pandemic started. Only been painting and building.

In terms of table size being larger, my 28mm game ready collections have driven that. They are SYW (30fig battalions), WWII (1:1 company strength with support of armored platoons), zombie apocalypse urban mass skirmish (hundreds of figures and vehicles), Starship Troopers (multiple platoons nd many many bugs), 40K (1000s of points but normally done as platoon or company sized multiside goal driven fights), Warzone (platoon to company level), and for Fantasy I have several 3rd ed WHFB armies but been focused on fantasy figures for my D&D collection of late.

If I end up doing any mini gaming in the near future, it will likely be dungeon crawls on a dining room table.
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