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Re: Venom

Post by Voice From Limbo » Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:19 pm

Here's another take:

Re: Venom

Post by Glenn » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:31 pm

Thats a really good summary :)

I originally went to see it at the cinema with my son who turned out to be just to young for its 15 certificate (we'd thought it was a 12 to be honest) but recently saw it on DVD with the boy himself.

Enjoyed it much more than I'd expected and whilst some aspects jarred it was over all weird but watchable.


Post by Australian Dawn » Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:59 pm

(spoilers if you haven't seen it yet)

I finally got around to watching this, I've had the DVD for a while but was so expecting a disaster I couldn't bring myself to watch it until now.

A very odd movie, not as bad as I'd feared, but it had a very strange tone.
I can't remember any blood.
Horrible violence happened but no blood and there was no real emotional effect on the participants.
It's like they wanted to do it Dead Pool style, with cartoony hyper-violent humour, but instead of a wisecracking nutjob hitman they went with cannibalism and slaughter by an unwilling alien possessed "hero" who we are lead to believe is sane and moral and yet he and everyone else barely reacts to the horrors that unfold, very often at his hands. It's like they didn't know how to handle what was going on in the story so they just didn't show any of the bloody aftermath or consequent suffering and instead played the whole thing as a lame joke.
And at the same time the whole thing seemed terribly old fashioned to me, like one of the Burton Batman films. The love story part was particularly jarring, talk about standing by your (Cannibal alien snot monster possessed) man! OK they weren't exactly together at the end but they left no doubt about the feelings they still had for each other and you weren't left exactly concerned for the future of their relationship at the end, and by all reason you damn well should have been!

A weird, weird movie.