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These are our strictly unlicenced links to pages of interest for those huge numbers playing produced by Games Workshop Ltd, focussing on those fan sites providing great additional resources to support their fave game. We thought this collection dserved its own page

Specialist Games
Collection for GW's out of print games, which include forums, events and free downloadable rulesets! Bloodbowl, Epic 40K, Mordheim, Necromunda, Battlefield Gothic are all here to give a bash (so is Inquisitor, but I wouldn't bother if I were you). -Doc
Essential GW fan site with pics, news, rules, reports and (especially) rumours for WH40K and WHFB, plus a nice gallery of minis. Huge forums too- claims to be the 'ultimate GW resource', and who could argue? -Doc
Guild of Assasins
A great site for GW frothers out there nice design and easy to get around!- Col. M

One of the more rounded GW fansites, including sections for the more obscure games... although they don't always contain a great deal! They seem to have recently become interested in Dark-Age and Warmachien too. -Doc
Brumbaer’s Homepage
A really interesting site dedicated to Warmaster, with a complete adaptation of the rules for ancients, including lots of armylists, tips and tactics, tournament reports and much more. A great find ! - WK

Very high production values, pdf buildings too, and a great battle report. Top hole Ginger! -Doc
Warhammer Players Society
Rules, news and event organisers plus a collection of nice galleries from Golden Demon winning painters here. -Doc

You can also download a very polished WFB froth mag ("Total Power") here, in pdf format. Its free!-Col. M

Why not join the frother community and take a look around the site? Check out Colonel Marbles and his guides to alternative figures for your fantasy and future armies? Or check out our other wargames and miniatures links pages to see what else is out there?

And if you have or know of more frothtastic GW related sites, you can mail the webmaster or go to our special Suggestions Forum and discuss it- theres no need to register if you are shy!