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General Literary Links

Well, kind of literary. Books, films, anything that isn't designed for gamers but still serves for frother purposes... the amount of froth generated by Tolkein and Lucas (par example) would smash any game system into little pieces, creating a great disturbance in The Force™.

The Encyclopedia of Arda
Incredibly in-depth study of Tolkein's world, all neatly categorised and painstakingly cross-referenced. Its always growing too- now with special sections on the LotR movies! Top marks! -Doc
Comic book resources
All the latest news on yer graphic spandex heroes! - Col. Marbles
Sci Fi News
Catch up on all the saddo sci-fi news ! - Col. Marbles

Star Wars Technical Commentaries
Always a hot froth-topic the this Star Wars site could serve as a definition of frotherdom in itself... Both tongue-in-cheek and well-informed, go here and ponder how the rebellion nearly wiped out all ewoks... or find out the secret of Jabba's tattoo... - Doc

Sequential Tart
A web 'zine which looks at the comics industry from a woman's point of view. Not at all stridently feminist, the site strives to promote awareness of the contribution of women to comics. -aecurtis
Starship Dimensions
Amazing site that compares the sizes of ships across all number of SciFi genres- IE users can even move the pics around on the page. -Dead Deputy
General discussion of fantasy literature
This is a general discussion of fantasy literature - there are plenty of titles covered and the author provides you with links to all the titles - certainly worth a browse - bAz

General Gaming Sites

Some frother sites refuse to fit into any one category, as their owners cannot stop their froth spilling into all manner of topics. Naturally this only endears them to us at Frother Unite....

Boardgamegeek has to be one of the best online resource board game wise. Lists just about every game ever invented it seems, with user reviews, ocs and news. -UnclEvl

Register (free) and you can maintain your own list (keep track of your collection) and add your own ratings to the BGG totals. -Doc

GUGs (Society at Glasgow University)
Basically a promotion site for a wargaming and roleplaying group at Glasgow University, articles, fiction, scenarios, systems and, er, pub crawls..." - bAz
Games Talks
A limited but eclectic mix of gaming links and resources, with forums, chat and its own MUD. -UnclEvl

Other Sites of Interest

We can't classify 'em, but we likes 'em! Other sites we like to visit, where the froth runs free.

Snopes.com- Urban Legends Reference Pages
Whether you are poo-pooing some daft assertion on a bulletin board, or looking for wierd conspiracies to infect your gaming session, there is no better analysis of urban myths and legends than Snopes.com. -Doc

Skeptics Annotated Bible/Qu'ran
An excellent categorised collection of the inconsistencies, absurdities and hypocrisies in your friendly neighbourhood King James edition- now with Qu'ran and Book of Mormom sections! Well written and presented -Doc

Good site for all the latest gadgets, gizmos software to froth over !! - Col. M

You guys must know some more great frother sites, cos we know you don't spend all your time here. No, its no good pretending, so you might as well share the wealth eh? If our links are dead, or if you find an amazing site that should be in every frother's bookmarks, e-mail the webmaster or post it on the Suggestions Forum. Immediately!

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