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General Electronic Gaming Links

A few of us like to play with ourselves as well - er, electronic gaming that is, of course... #kof
Or maybe if you've got a multitap extension... OK lets not go there eh?

Tips, hints and all the cheat codes you should ever want for nigh on every electronic game on most platforms. -UnclEvl
When hints, tips and cheats just aren't enough, GameFAQs has everything else too. Masses of FAQs (naturally) and Walkthroughs aplenty. -UnclEvl
Not only news, views, tips and cheats on a host of electronic games, but some superb (though limited in selection) down-loadable pdf game guides too. -UnclEvl
Not only news and reviews of games, but on a whole range of electronic and video entertainment. Some superb on-line game guides too. -UnclEvl

Specific Gaming Sites

Sites that cater specifically to fans of one game, or a group of related games .

Apolyton Civilization Site
Really the only place you need to go for news, info, forums, reviews, patches and downloads for any of the Civilization or Call to Power family.
Stars! Homepage
We have been known to use Stars! as the backdrop for a froth, as it allows play-by-email. Just create a race and lead your galactic empire-bAz.
This is the official homepage where you can or check the FAQ, download a demo or the latest patch. Its particularly well supported though (I couldn't find the Stars page from their front end)... Now where's that sequel..? -Doc


If you might have a better source for hot gaming info, e-mail the webmaster, or post your ideas on the Suggestions Forum.

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