Alternative Zombie Miniatures

Selected by the White Knight

11. Reaper

The US- based manufacturer of "Dark Heaven" and "Warlords" fantasy miniatures is a great source for undead miniatures in general. Granted, zombies aren't exactly abundant, not like vampires or skellies. Is it because they could never be as sexy as an attractive vampire lady wearing skintight outfits? Or is it simply because they have bad breath? We'll never know. But do not be mistaken, they may be less prominent than their fellow walking corpses, but they are there nonetheless, be they the more standard "plague zombies" (2102, 6028) or the more feral zombie werewolves (2132, 2223).

12. Excalibur Miniatures

This is one of those German miniature companies that started appearing a few years back and offers both sf & fantasy miniatures and rules, some of those for free (the rules, not the miniatures). Humans, orcs and elves make out the larger part of the fantasy range, but the few undead miniatures in the range generally tend to drift towards the rotting flesh, rather than the naked bone. The range includes a few zombie orcs and a zombie giant. All miniatures come with oval slotted bases.

13. Alternative armies

Alternative miniatures for people with... err... alternative taste? Let's be honest, most of their miniatures are not of the highest standard you can find in the hobby. But they do have a tendency to make miniatures with a theme that you can't find anyone else. So if you're looking for something weird like Napoleonic Wars Zombie troopers, this might just be the place to look.

The first, "standard" fantasy rank & file zombies can be found in the "The THIRD AGE of VALON - The DARKE AGE" range. They have their own command group and there is also a zombie mage. I thought they were supposed to be braindead cannon fodder, not magic users, but what do I know...

The second batch of zombie figured can be found in the "Erin" range, Alternative Armies' game of celtyc myth. They are in the "Monsters, Gods and Other Things" section and are described as the 'half dead'...

Finally, there are the Flintloque/Slaughterloo Napoleonic figures. The undead represent the Russian troops of that era, complete with zombie linesoldiers, cossacks and light cavalry. Weird...

14. DSA/Armalion

German miniatures in the world of the Dark Eye (a popular German RPG). Some of the minis may look a bit odd, especially in the pictures, but I have often found these figures to be of surprisingly good quality. They come with small solid bases, most of those are small round ones that fit into the indentation in the plastic bases they produce for the "Armalion" tabletop game. The Armalion range even has a boxed set with a rabble of ten zombies, both male and female.

15. Copplestone Castings

And just to show it doesn't always have to be the medieval guy who get's turned into a walking, rotting, foulsmelling corpse, the talented Mark Copplestone brought us some near future "plague zombies" and "zombie troopers" in his "Future Wars" range. They look nasty, but in a good way.

16. Stone Circle Games

Stone Circle Games is an emerging company bringing an innovative approach to the gaming industry. Two ranges are planned: China Town is out now and Invictus will follow. It is in the first one, a shotgun pumping, magazine slamming game of Hong Kong action theatre, that we'll find our dose of zombie madness, if a bit unusual. The masked zombie adds an air of mystery to your shambling hordes and the thrall could easily blend into your unit of regular zombies with the right paintjob.

17. Cold War Miniatures

Relatively new company with no webpresence whatsoever, making some "modern" zombie figures. Interesting range.

18. Fortress

Fortress makes a small range of resin and pewter miniatures, including a range called "Zombie Plague" which consists almost entirely out of, you know, zombies. These are "present day" zombies and include some fun ideas like a fireman zombie, a (Dead?) Deputy Don zombie, a little zombiegirl with teddybear, etc.... My favorute pack must be "Mailman Steve and Roadkill", a twisted take on the usual dog and mailman jokes. Granted, they're not always the greatest sculpts, but they have bags of character and make a welcome change.

19. Grendel

A manufacturer of resin and metal figures that never quite got the credit they deserve. While a large part of Grendel's ranges consists of resin scenery, they also produce fantasy figures. Some of the undead miniatures they make, may or may not be zombies, but lack of information prevents us from knowing for sure. At the very least they have a zombie dragon.

20. Foundry Miniatures

Lately, the pricing and packaging pollicy of this famous manufacturer of miniature eyecandy, has lead to accusations of being the Games Workshop of historical miniatures. I totally disagree with this however, as the Foundry doesn't restrict it's ranges to historical minis, but produces a wide range of fantasy miniatures now. One of the very earliest Foundry fantasy outings was an excellent pack of 7 (different) zombie cowboys, that would make a fine addition to any Weird West collection.

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