Pirates & Sea Dogs

Alternative Pirate Miniatures

Selected by the White Knight

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15. Alionas

A relatively new German company , producing a growing range of fantasy figures. One of their lines is called 'pirates' and although at a first glance they would appear to be dwarves, I believe they are actually pirate halfings. The ship's cook is pretty intimidating...


16. Warrior Miniatures

They claim to supply more figures to the pound than any other manufacturer and at 40p for foot and 80p for cavalry models I'm willing to believe that. They were established in 1973 and unfortunately many models in the range show their age. This goes for the "Treasure Island" range as well, which includes miniatures for the main characters from the novel and some generic pirates.


17. Armalion / DSA

Fanpro produces these german games set in the world of the Dark Eye. Some are very good, others are somewhat lacking. Most look better in person than in the pictures...



The DSA range has a few suitable figures in the Personalities lines: El Harkir (the renowned pirate, 16020) and the Imperial Grand Admiral Rateral Sanin (16021, not really a pirate but can be painted as). Strangely enough the 'Creatures' section holds another pirate figure, described as 'Follower of Charyptoroth' (17056).

The Armalion (tabletop) line has three more blisters of pirates, including 2 leaders (male and female), 3 fearsome female pirates and 3 male (more exotic) pirates.

18. War Crow

A small range of fantasy miniatures from the makers of Corvus Belli historicals. They have one model that could qualify as a pirate, albeit a somewhat unusual one. It's a female mini called "Fujiko da Silva" and it is said that she is the daughter or a Portuguese pirate and a geisha. Of course, we don't believe everything that's 'said', but she does look the part.


19. 7th Sea

A small range of excellent pirate figures was produced by AEG for the 7th Sea RPG. Sadly, these are now OOP, but you might still bump into them occasionally.

20. Flagship games

FG produces the popular "Pirates!" rules for 25mm naval battles with ships and miniatures (third edition already). They sell a wide range of ships, both historical and fantastical to go with it, but unlike some who shall not be named, they have no problem with you using other manufacturers' products. All ships in the line are 25/28mm and resin cast and include galleons, gunships, sloops, shipwrecks, rowboats etc...


They also make seamonsters for those more fantastically themed battles.

21. Miniature World Maker

Australian terrain maker, specialising in durable rubber scenery. Their catalog includes a 25mm pirate ship, but while they have some nice scenery, the ship seems a bit poor in my opinion. You can see some of their buildings in the excellent Gothic & Fantasy Buildings Showcase.


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