Vermen Links Pages - there is some cack here so beware!

  Rainstiin's Skaven Lair A typical all round Skaven site some pictures the site has not been updated for some time now. bAz 13/08/03
  Archive Skaven A good frothing site with a GW feel to it. Lots of material here including a skaven font etc. It also has not been updated for some time. bAz13/08/03
  Mauskwitz's Website Another site with very little on it other than a clan history, not been updated in two to three years... bAz 13/08/03
  Skaven Tunnels -RPG Chat Room This site has a bit more stuff on it than some of the others, it has some original art. There is a link to a Skaven chat room, and the usual downloads, I am sure that the huge image at the start might actually be breaching the old GW ip paranoia - it take too long to load - still worth a browse!! Not been updated though for some time. bAz 13/08/03
  Ralf Engel's homepage A good site some of it in German, but essentially full of various Warhammer bits and peices. The best page is to do with how to paint skaven. bAz 13/08/03
  Skaven Domain A nice site which has been updated - basically a frother frothing over his own army and giving a few tips and tricks away for Skaven in Warhammer. 13/08/03
  Battle Games UK Not updated since 2000. bAz 13/08/03
  The rat-man and postmodernism

This is quite a good discussion for those taking seriously the post-modern nature of the anti hero and it is here that you tend to find concepts like the rat-man.

"The rat-man of Paris," my friend explained. "See, the hero of this book is this transient who lives in Paris and goes around to all the open-air cafes, and shows his dead pet rat to everybody . . . "

I asked if he was joking. He was not.

The real joke is this: the rat-man is not the exception to the rule. He is the modern standard for literature. Post-modernism, a literary trend that began early in the twentieth century and continues today, defaces true heroism by relying on social deviants like the rat-man as the "hero" of various questionable plots. "

No need to be so upset about it I thought... bAz 13/08/03